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Uniforms & Equipment

Dismounted Troops

As adopted from ‘Standing Orders of Dress and Clothing 1912’ the following makes up the basic uniform of what the enlisted Dismounted Troop of the A.I.F was issued and what can be readily purchased to make a start to your kit and ultimately an accurate WW1 impression.

  • Bag, kit, universal
  • Boots, pair
  • Jacket, service dress
  • Breeches, cord
  • Cap, field service
  • Great-coat
  • Hat, with band, and strap
  • Puttees, pair
  • Shirt, grey back

The equipment worn together with the uniform in order to carry the 150 rounds of .303 ammunition, bayonet, water bottle, entrenching tool, haversack, large pack, greatcoat and small items was the 1908 Pattern Mills Webbing Equipment. Leather versions of this made in Australia in 1915 exist as the 1908/15 Leather Infantry Equipment.

Mounted Troops

Mounted Troops or those attached to machinegun units, drivers or artillery wore the same uniform as above, except wearing leather leggings instead of puttees and used the Pattern 1903 Leather Equipment. This comprised of a bandolier and waist belt with separate haversack and water bottle on individual shoulder straps.

Other equipment such as the Brodie helmet and the Small Box Respirator and PH gas hood were issued in late 1915 and early 1916 and used till the close of the war.

Arms / Rifles

The main arm used by both Dismounted and Mounted troops of the A.I.F during both World Wars was the Short Magazine Lee Enfield .303 calibre bolt action rifle, typically the No. 1 MkIII. These were issued along with the Pattern 1907 bayonet and scabbard, for close combat, as well as an oil bottle, pull through and cleaning patches for maintaining the rifle in the field.


Here are some links for where to acquire the above equipment.
Remember to consult our instructional staff and NCO’s within the group for advice on what to purchase.


Our preferred Victorian supplier of excellent A.I.F reproductions of jackets, cord breeches, puttees, boots, Pattern 1908 equipment and Service Dress caps. Also have Australian Army Nursing Service uniforms.


An enormous range of equipment, uniform and accessories for the trenches. Plenty of kit bag fillers


Time honoured supplier of reproduction A.I.F uniforms, leather equipment, boots, insignia, slouch hats, mess-tins and accessories. Also has a great selection of WW1 military manuals to download for your resources.


WW1 reproduction equipment and small kit items.


US based store which sells the best reproduction wearable gas respirators (SBR) and PH gas hoods. Gas capes and ground sheets also available.