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About AGWA
The Australian Great War Association Inc. is a non-profit organization, comprising of men and women whom are passionate about commemorating those whom fell in the Great War (First World War 1914-1918).
The members of the A.G.W.A study, research, display and portray all areas of life within the Australian Imperial Force to the best of their ability. With the aid of highly accurate reproduction uniforms, original weaponry, genuine war artefacts and libraries of information that exist in original documentation, the group can furnish detailed and authentic impressions of those whom served, for the purpose of public displays, commemorative guards, parades, educational services and also period style military encampments.

Members of the Association are dressed in the uniform adopted by the infantry of the A.I.F throughout the Great War and are encouraged and assisted in developing their impression as an infantryman. Members enjoy activities such as group lessons in drill, dress and bearing, musketry, field craft, bivouacs, ceremonial activities, parades and gaining knowledge on the average ANZAC.

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